Frequently Asked Questions


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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: Yes, we offer free delivery from Mondays to Fridays, except eve of Public Holidays/Public Holidays, with just 1 regular sized cake order.  The minimum order for delivery all through the week is only SGD36.00 which is equivalent of the cake + cookie set. Alternatively,  you may order 2 cakes & above for free delivery. Otherwise, islandwide delivery charge is only at SGD10.00. 

Ans:  Only the Recipient's name, contact number and address accompanies the package. No receipt or invoice will be included.

Ans: You may input your message at the checkout comments box. If you have missed this, you may also forward your email confirmation and type your desired text message and email to



Ans: No, we are not halal certified, but our products do not contain pork, lard, alcohol nd gelatin. We procure halal certified ingredients whenever possible.

Ans: As the cakes are hand made, there is a limitation to the number of bakes that can be produced each day. The order limit for the day may have been reached. Please select another day or contact us at should you have further queries. 

Ans: Cotton Chiffons are baked fresh on the day of delivery and that is why it is not necessary to keep it refrigerated upon receipt. We recommend that the cake be sealed at room temperature for up to 2nd day night before keeping any balance in the fridge. The cake can keep well for 5 days in the refrigerator.

Cookies are baked without added preservatives. We recommend consumption within 1 month from the date of receipt. Any balance cookies to be sealed tight or kept in the refrigerator after opening.

For corporate orders above 8 cakes, please email to and we can provide an invoice for the order.

Ans: Our regular Cotton Chiffon is approximately 8 inches in diameter. The height varies with the flavor.  Each cake can be sliced into 12 generous portions.

In April 2023, 3-inch Mini chiffons were introduced and is good for individual consumption.

Cotton Chiffons specialize in low sugar chiffon cakes. It has been widely accepted that our low sugar level is adequate. Should you have tried Cotton Chiffon before and still prefer an even lower sugar content, you may make a remark at the checkout comments box for further reduction. We will bake it accordingly.  Should you have dietary concerns, you may also opt for Monkfruit sweetener in place of regular sugar and there are some flavors that work well with this option. 

All Cotton Chiffon cakes contain dairy and eggs. However, they suit a vegetarian diet.

Cotton Chiffon offers a selection of cakes using gluten free flour. However, as the kitchen uses gluten/wheat flour, contamination is possible. The Gluten Free flavors are suitable only for managing sensitivity, not for consumers with gluten allergies.