Delivery Information


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Delivery Information

Order Confirmation Email

Upon payment and checking out, you will receive a confirmation email with your order number. If you did not receive the email, please do check if it has been sent to trash/spam folder. There are also cases where a wrong email address was entered hence resulting in the non-delivery of the confirmation email.  

Delivery Time

The cut off time for ordering for next day delivery is 6pm. After 6pm daily, Cotton Chiffon collates all orders for next day delivery and allocates addresses to respective drivers according to zones. The delivery is typically split into East & West zones of Singapore and the 1st delivery heads towards the East. East side customers tend to receive their cakes earlier than the West.

On the day of delivery, the cakes will be baked fresh and prioritised according to the zone. The drivers will collect from Cotton Chiffon facility from 11am to 2pm and the estimated arrival time range will be from 11.30am to 4.30pm.  On days where there is heavy volume, the commencement of baking will start earlier so as to accommodate all orders, which may result in an earlier 1st delivery. Whilst Cotton Chiffon endeavors to provide prompt delivery service, customers must agree to accommodate to reasonable variations in arrival time.  

Requests for cakes to be sent earlier/specific time can be arranged for self collection, express delivery at $20.00 or if own courier is engaged. 

No Notification on Delivery Time

The courier service does not contact recipients before arrival time and recipients should ensure they are available during the delivery period to accept the package, if not allow packages to be placed at the gate at their own risk. The courier service will attempt to contact the recipient should there be no answer to the door. 

Delivery to Doorstep or Driveway

For residential locations that offer free parking within grace period, the package will be delivered to door. For commercial buildings, including but not lmited to offices, hotels, malls, hospitals, etc, , the driver will contact the recipient for collection at the building's designated driveway or drop-off point or taxi stand.  

Wrong delivery Information, Re-delivery or No Recipient

For wrong delivery address provided,  the customer will risk the of loss of package and Cotton Chiffon shall not be held liable. For re-delivery, it is solely at driver's discretion if they are willing or able to re-direct delivery. A re-direct fee of $20 will apply.  On instances when no one answers the door, the driver will attempt to contact the recipient to inform that the package will be left at the gate at customer's risk of loss. 

For any enquiries regarding your order, you may contact us at or whatsapp/phone at +65 91092923.